Szymon Krzyszczuk Notariusz w Warszawie oraz Tłumacz przysięgły języka angielskiego

Dear Clients,

Due to the existing extraordinary situation in our country and in Europe, we would like to inform you that we’ve implemented special procedures to enable our Clients to perform notarial actions.

We disinfect tables, door handles, terminals, pens and toilets after each Client.

We can provide a parking place on our yard to minimise the necessity to move through Warsaw.

Our entire personnel works remotely.

We’ve limited personal presence during notarial actions only to persons signing documents. We are aware this is an inconvenience to you. We don’t mind remote presence of your advisers, persons supporting you or your agents, however we request this is a remote presence (by phone, via any communicator e.g. Skype). For this purpose we provide you with access to our Wi-Fi network.
If more than three persons are required to be present during a notarial action (which makes it impossible to keep safe distance of 1.5 meter), a notarial deed will be read out in two separate rooms and the notary will carry a document to be signed between the rooms.

We accept payments only by card or wire transfer, thus reducing the risk of spreading the virus on cash.

Out of health concern, especially the health of the elderly, we offer notarial actions performed in the Client’s house. Prior to arrival of a notary it is necessary to determine by phone and email the scope and content of documents, so that the visit at the Client’s would be as short as possible.

It might happen that documents, especially translations or certifications in English, can only be collected the next day. This results from the new model of working “from outside the office”.

Thank you for your understanding. We hope that by implementing the above procedures we will ensure your peace and safety while performing the necessary notarial actions.


Stay healthy and resistant!!!